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Recently I was asked, ‘of all the paranormal stories there are, which one is your favorite?’ Well, to answer plainly, vampires. Call me old fashioned. Of course there are so many to choose from paranormal, fantasy genres, and I love them all, but I will always be drawn to the vampire stories first.

From the first time I discovered them, I had a fascination with them. The ability to survive for hundreds or even thousands of years, imagine the history you have witnessed, never aging again, who of us would love to turn back the clock to look like we’re 25 again. Come on, don’t lie, you know you’d love it! And who of us wouldn’t want to have to ability to control another through hypnosis (or glamour), if you will. The list of powers one would have as a vampire are vast and throughout the years of the many vampire stories written, authors have even taken the liberty of changing some of those powers. That’s the beauty of being a fantasy writer, you make up your own story from your own imagination.

When I got up the nerve to write my first book, I really, REALLY, wanted to write about vampires but changed my mind, for the time being because the Twilight series was so strong. I wanted to give that some time to die down before I put one of my vampire stories out there, and switched to ancient gods, another one of my favs. Make no mistake, after I finish my Trinity series, which will hopefully be by this fall, I will be writing about my favorite character, the vampire. To be honest, I’ve already written a little bit of the book. Couldn’t help myself, I just had to write some things down along with a few notes on my future book. My plan is to take this character to a whole new level. Again, I can use my imagination to create the vampire of my dreams and hopefully he/she will be in your dreams in the future also.

So, now that you know my favorite paranormal/fantasy character, how about you tell me some of your favorites and why you love them? I would enjoy hearing from you and getting your thoughts on the subject. Give me some feedback! LOL! Let’s have some fun!