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Cradle and All, by James PattersonToday I wanted to talk about James Patterson, one of my favourite authors. When I was younger, I got a hold of a book called Cradle and All by James Patterson. It was the first paranormal, fantasy book I had read and I loved it!

In the first place, it was a genre I enjoyed reading, and secondly, I found it very easy to read. You must understand that I am not a fast reader and I do envy those who are. It’s not like I can’t read fast but I find that if I do read too fast, I don’t grasp everything I read. When I’m reading, I picture the story as a movie in my mind, scene-by-scene, and Patterson’s writing brought out my imagination, (i.e. the movie in my mind), in great detail.

Cradle and All had such a spin to it, it kept me guessing right to the very end of the story. Kinda freaked me out a little too. LOL. I recommended the book to my sister, she read it, and she then became a fan of James Patterson too. Throughout the years we’ve exchanged Patterson’s books several times.

After that first paranormal book, I found I wasn’t shy about reading the books I enjoyed instead of following the mainstream trend of what others were into. I can’t stand sappy romance and most biographies bore me. I’m not into ‘do it yourself’ or self-help books.

Thanks to the book I really loved, I don’t have enough room on my shelf for all my books. I really envied Patterson’s ability to let his imagination run wild and put it on paper. I always wanted to do that but found I didn’t have the confidence to do it and ‘who would read what I write?’ is what I always thought.

In 2008 I decided ‘what do I have to lose?’ and started writing Trinity. As Patterson and so many authors out there, I let my imagination run wild and didn’t hold back. My first thought was to write about vampires but then changed my mind because the Twilight series was the hottest thing out there and I didn’t think I could compete with that. So I switched my focus to ancient history (one of my passions), and found the Gods of Gwynneth. From there, the words just flowed. I imagined it was how James and so many other authors felt as they were writing their books and it was an inspiration. I know, sounds corny, but it’s true. However, I do have a book in my head itching to get out that is vampire themed and it will be the focus of my next project.

My hope is to be as inspiring and successful as James Patterson and so many authors out there. I could give you a long list of them but that would take up too much room! Ha!

The paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy world opened my mind and is responsible for encouraging me to read more and more. I urge anyone who says they hate reading to find the genre you like and believe me, you will find your love of reading as I did.